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Inbal excels at forging strong connections & communities amongst brands, businesses and individuals, creating a compelling allure that draws customers back, time and time again.

About ME

My mission is to make sure every single woman knows how incredible she is!

As a real estate broker turned candle maker turned tech founder, my passion for networking with women entrepreneurs has led me to create Like Minded Collective, a social networking platform that empowers women to be exceptional.

A space that encourages every dreamer, creator, and female founder to amplify their voice, build personal relationships, and thrive in business - where friendship comes first and business comes second. A social network that gives female founders the mic!

Like Minded Collective has grown to a community of 2,100+ female founders in the last year and a half since we launched!

When I'm not building communities for myself and other companies, I'm spending time with family and friends enjoying the amazing weather in Orange County, CA.

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Like Minded OC

Join us for monthly in-person events tailored exclusively for female founders in Orange County. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, share experiences, and discover valuable insights to fuel your business journey.

Event Highlights:

  • Networking sessions with like-minded female founders.
  • Expert-led workshops and panel discussions.
  • Inspirational talks from successful entrepreneurs.
  • Opportunities for collaborative projects and partnerships.
  • Brainstorming to work through business hurdles.

Like Minded Collective

Elevate your potential with the power of connection on our social networking platform designed to uplift and empower women. Become part of a supportive community that values authenticity, collaboration, and growth for FREE!

  • Profile creation with a focus on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Engaging community feed for discussions on various business and personal topics.
  • Networking events and virtual meetups to expand your circle.
  • Workshops focusing on business strategy.
  • Niche communities to join based on different topics.

Like Minded Consulting

Amplify your brand's presence and engagement with my consulting service. I specialize in building vibrant and lasting communities, unlocking the true potential of customer engagement for sustainable business growth.

  • Tailored strategies to foster meaningful connections with your audience.
  • Community-building techniques that drive brand loyalty.
  • Expert guidance on content creation and engagement tactics.
  • Measurement and analysis for continuous improvement.
  • Collaborative meetings to align your team with community-focused goals.
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