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Inbal is a growth strategist dedicated to helping female founders boost demand and visibility for their businesses through the power of community. By leveraging this, Inbal ensures an uptick in referrals, leads, and customer loyalty, which naturally propels growth and, most importantly, sales!

About ME

My mission is to make sure every single female founder feels seen, heard and appreciated!

As a 3x founder, my passion for connecting with women entrepreneurs has led me to create Like Minded Collective, a social networking platform that empowers women to be exceptional.

Since launching in February 2022, Like Minded Collective has grown to a thriving community full of female founders and in return I’ve seen the impact of community both in my personal life & business!

In August 2023, I decided that virtual community wasn’t enough, so I started Like Minded OC, an in-person community for female founders in Southern California where friendship comes first and business comes second.

When I'm not building communities for myself and other companies, I'm spending time with family and friends enjoying the amazing weather in Orange County, CA.



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free virtual COMMUNITY


Like Minded Consulting

Are you ready to catapult your business into its next phase of growth, with more demand and visibility? I'm offering exclusive 4-week 1:1 support designed specifically for female founders ready to elevate their businesses.

This is your opportunity to access personalized strategies, innovative solutions, and the kind of insight that turns obstacles into stepping stones. Get ready to not only amplify your business's footprint but also empower you as an industry expert.

  • 4 weeks - Two Zoom calls, unlimited Voxer - $895

Like Minded Collective

Elevate your potential with the power of connection on our social networking platform designed to uplift and empower women. Become part of a supportive community that values authenticity, collaboration, and growth for FREE!

  • Profile creation with a focus on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Engaging community feed for discussions on various business and personal topics.
  • Networking events and virtual meetups to expand your circle.
  • Workshops focusing on business strategy.
  • Niche communities to join based on different topics.
  • Hands-on business help with brainstorming and hot-seat coaching.

Like Minded OC

Join us for monthly in-person events tailored exclusively for female founders in Orange County. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, share experiences, and discover valuable insights to fuel your business journey.

Event Highlights:

  • Community walks, coworking, coffee meetups and business events.
  • Networking sessions with like-minded female founders.
  • Expert-led workshops and panel discussions.
  • Inspirational talks from successful entrepreneurs.
  • Opportunities for collaborative projects and partnerships.
  • Brainstorming to work through business hurdles.

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